2015. Here we go.....

Back from London where the skies were grey and the tube was packed. Where I swam in the olympic pool, saw friends and art, oohed and aahed at fireworks, sat in front of picturesque fires, watched the sun rise, ate baked beans on toast, hung out with family, got up to watch the sun rise, went to swanky restaurants, danced furiously and dreamed of the year ahead.
Now here I am again in sunny California, slightly jet lagged and with a million new ideas to add to the list.
Silk is undergoing some changes and the future looks to be bold and brilliant. We are twiddling thumbs while we wait for our first bespoke cushions to arrive, two huge and gorgeous pillows made from one of our scarves, with beads, tassles and all manner of artwork to make them special. Our first collaboration and debut into the home furnishings and design world.
We will of course be making more beautiful scarves but are dipping our silky toes into the world of interior design. Expect wallpapers, ceramics and beautiful coverings for those worn out couches. I have a head full of new ideas that range from cute beaded things to jewels with tassles and silk ribbons. It's a year for indulging the imagination and I can't wait.

But for now I am getting over a little jet lag, feeling moderately discombobulated, texting with my new bestie for the year about mermaids and figuring out the next step.
I am thinking about a drive to portland, I feel the need for change. Is my love affair with LA coming to a close? Not sure. I do know that I long for a little humanity. Not to say that there isn't any here but I have an underlying sensation that LA is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I have decided that Silk (which will be getting a new name in the next month or so) must be an antidote, must be a place of calm in an otherwise agenda driven world. 
I watched a documentary about Matisse and the cut outs (ticket booked to NY to see the show, excited) and just know that we would have been firm friends. Anyway, the point is that all he wanted to do through his art is create moments of peace. That made my heart jump for joy, isn't that what I've always said? Why yes it is. Blimey. Me and Matisse sitting in a tree......
So, new manifesto. Make beautiful things with beautiful people. Take a step back from the crazy. Create new way of working and representing.  Build it and they will come.

New for Fall

Excited to announce that we are printing Cashmere pieces for Fall. We have taken one of our exclusive prints, shot in Park City Utah and turned it into a beautiful 3 yard long pure cashmere scarf. Perfect for the winter chill. These pieces are made to order. Not available on the website yet we are taking orders via e mail. Please contact us for all information.

 Winter Scene - Utah  Cashmere scarf- 40 in x 100  Price upon request

Winter Scene - Utah  Cashmere scarf- 40 in x 100  Price upon request

End of Summer?

I will never understand why Labor Day is supposed to mark the end of summer. In all the years I have been in LA the 1st of September is when things really heat up.  I am melty mess in my office, fans blowing from all sides, iced water to the ready and cool thoughts foremost in my mind.
I have been editing and archiving the Kauai pictures and of course thinking ahead to this months road trip. I am thinking close to home, maybe San Diego, maybe Ojai or Carmel. But also feeling the need for something a little more urban to take my mind and my eye away from the sea shore and into another type of jungle. So maybe even a staycation to take in the skylines that LA has to offer.

On another note, we are bringing in a Fall weight scarf, silk and cashmere...just thinking about it is delicious. Samples arriving in the next two weeks and these puppies will be selling out fast so let us know if you want us to hold one.

OK, that's it a cold shower is calling. Happy Tuesday x