Dear Diary...

Tonight I am sleeping in Flagstaff. From my bedroom I can hear the sounds of a freight train rattling slowly passed. It is romantic and exciting. Exactly what I wanted from my great American adventure.
I finally did it, packed up the car and got on the road. I am far from LA and it feels good.
A last minute decision to grab an unmarked pile of CDs proved perfect....seems I pulled the P's from the pile so todays playlist went from Patti Smith to Public enemy. Can't wait to dive in to the Q's and R's as I head to Albuquerque. 

Driving through California in the hot hot heat was everything it should have been, the desert on both sides of me, complete with tumble weeds. I opted for Route 66 and went for miles without seeing a single soul. I will admit, images of vultures crossed my mind a couple of times. Deserted motels and gas stations fueled the imagination (there will be photos) and little fluffy clouds in a duck egg blue sky made for movie style magic.
Crossing state lines gave me a little thrill and as I left California it started to rain. 

Arizona put on a cloud show for me, cyans, reds, midnight blues and yellow golds, I was stopping every five minutes to capture some of the greatest hits. I have a feeling that Julys scarf is going to be cloud ethereal and tree fantastic. This feels good.

For now, as I settle in to my bed for the night, post sun and 12 amazing hours on the road I am content.

Sweet dreams from Arizona.