Flings being flung....

July already? How that happened is nuts, but here we are and I have been looking forward to July as the beginning of a new era for some time. 

What's the plan? Well the plan is to reinvent  just about everything about  Silk. Sounds drastic and feels f**king brilliant. All those walks in the park have finally paid off and delivered inspiration. Thank god for the dog. 

This month we will be packing up our shit and heading to......not sure yet, let the winds take me. I am gagging to go mingle with the people. Expect blogs galore as we shoot our way across the country and no doubt write a little bit too. So.....getting back to the plan I am gonna be making one scarf a month, limited editions possibly (undecided...might suit the art crowd but let's face it we want to share this shit with the world at large) , and each piece will be a direct reflection of the new sights, smells and surroundings. I am busting my pants to get going it feels so right, like I took all the pressure off and gave the lovely silky child a chance to go wild, take drugs and get crazy. 

With any luck I'll get further than the freeway, my car won't explode, and I will be divinely guided to exactly the right places at all the right times. Into the mystic ? You betcha.