How is it Saturday already? And how can it be that I go back to LA in two days??? Huh? No!!! 
I have been going through the pictures, all 2500-and-counting of them. I can feel the beginnings of a scarf brewing, I am super excited about it, my minds eye is full to bursting with potential ideas and colors. You can bank on greens and blues and reds and yellows and pinks and purples and ....... Oh shit, spoiled for choice, maybe two scarves for August?

Saw a shark, a turtle and a sea snake today so as per usual Kauai delivering new things right up to the end. I shall be sorry to say goodbye. But lets's not think about that just now. 
Instead let's look forward to our Sunday picnic on the beach, an early morning swim with some turtles, a little video making for the website, maybe a life risking jump into Queens Bath and anything else that this paradise can throw at me.